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Vacations are the best time to sculpt a child, and we here at Sanskar varg use this time of the year to form and develop the young citizens of our nation. Every child is taught how to recognize their strengths their abilities and make utmost utilization of it. They are motivated to test their capability beyond their normal levels and achieve targets that showcase their leadership talent.
  • Group/Team Building Projects
  • Time Management Activities
  • One Minute THINK Games
  • Etiquette and Mannerism Workshop and much more...
Age Group
Middle group
Big group
4 to 6
7 to 12
8:00 to 12:00
8:00 to 12:00
Community Values

Teach your Kids the values
Introducing family values at a very tender age is always beneficial as it becomes a habit and a form of life in the child. Tthis helps in their overall stability and development. Family values and traditions are a vital part of child’s upbringing, especially today when our generation is tilting more towards westernization. Families are becoming nuclear units leading children to depend on gadgets than friends. They tend to surround their life and time with TVs, laptops, computers, etc only. They have very little or practically no friends at all. With Snaskar Varg this is about to change .... forever...

Summer Camp Schedule 2017

Age: Small group - 3 to 5 | Medium group - 6 to 10 | Big group - 11 to 14
Duration 7 days 15 days
Starting Date 16th Apr
23rd Apr
30th Apr

16th Apr.
30th Apr.

  7th May
14th May
21st May.
14th May

Medium and Big -
Bhilarewadi (Katraj)
+91 93734 34488
+91 93709 54488

+91 95277 44488
+91 91308 54488

+91 93712 34488

+91 96570 34488

Fees Rs. 2500/- Rs. 1700/-
Bus (if needed) Rs. 500/- Rs. 300/-
Student's Full Name:
Contact No:
Summer Camp Time-Table (Bhilarewadi) - 15 Days
Time 8.15 - 9.00 9.00 -9.45 9.45 -10.15 10.15-11.00 11.00-11.30 11.30 - 12.00
Day 1 Orientation programme, Introduction programme and other activities
Day 2 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Balance beam Hoppy Obstacles Break Cricket Lagori
Day 3 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Barbed crawling Ritzy steps Break Kabaddi Skipping
Day 4 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Notty climber tarzan wall Break Football Juggler game
Day 5 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Crazy bull rider Horse riding Break Basket ball Lemon spoon
Day 6 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Barma Bridge crossing Rifle shooting Break Cooking exp. (no gas )
Day 7 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Trampoline jumper Zip line crossing Break Kho-kho Birds watching and handling
Day 8 Trekking
Day 9 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Taekwondo Break Dodge ball Best out of west
Day 10 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Rugby Zig-zag climber Break Tug-o-war Tipri pani
Day 11 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Camel ride Boxing Break Hit the bottles with ball Creative activitites
Day 12 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Tyree crossing Aarmy net Break Viti dandu Musical chair
Day 13 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Commando net China wall Break Vision chart Antakshari
Day 14 Yoga,meditation,Suryanamaskar Mud bath Break Water play
Day 15 Last day programme - Family Day


Pick up & drop facility will be available from Sangvi, Hadpsar, Vishrantwadi area. We can provide the transport from the above places only if we have minimum strength of 10 students.Charges 1900 + 600/-


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